Saturday, October 23, 2010


I'm currently home alone, over heating due to no air con in my household and no pool in my backyard, feeling pretty lonely and gloomy. I feel like no matter how hard I work at school, or at the cafe, or on this blog even that it's not going far. I just want to go somewhere and live a little dangerously, and a little insensibly and definitely unexpectedly. I'm so tired of the same old every morning and night. It's a terrible time at this age because you have these urges to escape order but you can't truly act on them and instead only think, dream and if you're like me- blog about it. If I was free to do whatever I want right now I think I'd just jump on the ferry and head over to Moreton or Straddy for the night and have a midnight skinny dip. Yeah.. just realised how sad that image is.. me.. by myself.. on a barge.. when I get off the barge I just casually walk 100m then take my clothes off and have a swim? I think I just need to accept that nothing too crazy or special is going to happen right now and I should just have a cold shower. geh

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