Wednesday, June 30, 2010

hairbands part 3

If you are wanting any particular colour just let me know because it wouldn't be too difficult to get rose type flowers in just about any colour!

hairbands part 2

Good morning winter chillers. It is FUCKING freezing today and raining and perfect to stay at home, listen to music and make more headbands! On the topic of headbands, my mother has informed me (who know she could be such a business guru!) that I should probably make all the headbands $10 each as if not I would probably make ZERO profit. So for those whom are interested in buying they are now all $10 each and today I will be figuring out what I'll be doing with postage etc. In the future hopefully I'll be able to drop prices and do more sales/deals but as of now I don't have the moola to do such things! :( Please let me know if the $2 raise on price for a few of the headbands is too much for you! Have a lovely rainy day.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


After work today I decided to make some hairbands and they actually turned out alright so I thought I'd post them on here and see if anyone would be interested in buying one, if I was to start selling. If you are interested please let me know on facebook or email, Thanks! For prices see below images...



$10 Red Rose Hairband




$10 White Rose Headband




$10 Cream Ruffled Headband




$10 Peach Rose Headband




$10 Cream Flower Headband

Monday, June 28, 2010

pretty woman

Another fantastic movie.

patrick swayze please rise from the dead

Myself and two other girlfriends enjoyed a Thursday night swooning and giggling at Patrick Swayze thrusting women in beautiful dresses and high waisted pants and midriffs. Dirty Dancing, such a classic movie that has not dated a bit over the years. I loved it when I was 11 (that seemed to be the year I was introduced to sexual films...) and I still love it equally now. I don't think I'll even bother recommending this to you all as if you haven't seen it just exit my blog now because as far as I'm concerned, IT IS A SIN IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THIS FILM. Post-dirty dancing, my friends and I discussed how much we dearly would love to have proper dancing clubs in Brisbane where women AND MEN can actually dance. Not crump. Dance. I'm talking foxtrot, tango, dirty dancing anything OTHER than just crumping to Lady Gaga. I'll stop now because I rant any further. Moral being.. would anyone else join a legit dance club if it were available in Brisbane?


I remember watching Almost Famous when I was Almost an Adolescent and let's just say I remember it slightly differently.. Anyway so when I discovered that the cheap DVD from bali was still in working condition, I was pretty surprised. Almost as surprised as I was after the movie. that my parents let me watch that at the delicate age of 11. Never the less, it is such an incredible film and I kinda wish I watched it a few years later so I could have watched it over and over again throughout adolescence. Luckily I still have a fair few years to go and I plan on watch it many times over those years. If you haven't already seen it, do yourself a favour and watch it. It will change your World (not really, but it feels like it has afterward for a bit)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


rainy day

I love rainy days when you just sleep in and rug up and watch all your favourite movies and listen to all your favourite music. Today wasn't one of those days. Oh yes it was rainy and cold and perfect for a day in, but unfortunately I had to be at work by 8, leaving me tired, cold and grumpy. Luckily this is made up by the fact I'm now cosy at home listening to french music my best friend recommended to me and eating a lot of fudge. I encourage all to do the same.

i don't want to be curious

Don't you hate it when someone does or says or sends little insignificant things to keep you up at night pondering their intentions and meanings. It's a waste of time and thought but you can't stop your mind sifting through possibilities. I wish I could flick my mind off right now.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

i love up

I spent my Saturday night rugged up with my mum watching the most adorable, wise and universal children movie I've seen since the Disney classics and mary-kate and ashley movies (which I still watch frequently and am not ashamed of). I was convinced something terrible was going to happen to the dog or the bird or the little boy or the old man and when nothing did I was so perplexed.. which brought me to a sudden realization, how violent has my outlook on movies become when I get frustratingly confused when someone doesn't die? It was a nice breath of fresh air to just have a mostly-happy movie. Anyway, my favourite part of the movie is the scene in which the photo above is from. I love dogs and the unconditional love they give so this scene easily took the cake.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

incredibly infuriated = longing

My god this saying is true!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

quite curious

As to whom and how many people actually read this blog. I on the rare occasion get a stranger tell me they like it and it is a little bit like getting a red bike under a christmas tree (god I love american movie cliques). Anyway.. I was wondering readers if you would mind taking 5 minutes out of your busy sceduale to create a google account and actually "follow" my blog. No.. I did it! I asked something of you all when you have no reason to care/do it. Meh, fuck it! It'd be sweet to see if anyone actually does it! Night night strangers..

p.s- just in case..
this is how you create a google account/follow a blog:
on the right hand column of my blog scroll down to the button and you'll see a section called followers.. you then simply click the follow blog button and follow the steps from there!



she ate men like air

This reminds me of a friend of mine. Except her hair isn't so frizzy. You are so dear to me and I want you to always know how great a person you are and always will be. Thank-you for everything.


Pretty much me in a nutshell, although I'm not really a realist.. I wish I was a bit more. I need to stop living in fantasy worlds.

"forever" is a load of shit

'Forever' is a load of shit. Nothing is forever. Everything in life is on and off and up and down. There is not one thing that is always consistent, always great and always there. People die and people leave, people fight and people break up, people can't stay happy at one another forever. Everything eventually breaks down. Even forever is non-existent, infact according to some tribes we only have 2 years left of forever. I'm still unsure on the whole 2012 shit though. That is why this phrase above, is my favourite phrase of all. Fuck forever. Fuck the people that say they'll love you forever then leave. Fuck the people that say they'll stay with you forever and die. When 'forever' is thrown out of the equation, you can realise just how precious time is and how every second should be savored and enjoyed. Don't waste time on something that is non-existent.

black and white pour your heart out