Sunday, February 28, 2010


the hardest book i've ever had to read

For study and society at school we had to read this book about a child deprived of secondary needs, anyway I won't go into detail it was a terribly tedious and boring book but in the epilogue there was an amazing quote that I feel I need to share..

"Perhaps there is more understanding and beauty in life when the glaring sunlight is softened by the patterns of shadows. Perhaps there is more depth in a relationship that has weathered some storms. Experience that never disappoints or saddens or stirs up feelings is a bland experience with little challenge or variation in colour. Perhaps when we experience confidence and faith and hope that we see materialize before our eyes this builds up within us a feeling of inner strength, courage and security. "

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

friends aren't fragile

I just realised tonight that you really can dump just about any emotion or situation on your girlfriends and they will bare the weight. I wish I remembered this a while ago, a girlfriend's advice is bliss.

someone take me on a fucking ferris wheel!

I just want to go on a ferris wheel and feel above everything for 10 minutes.

i want

To move to another country.
To be really great at something.
To have something amazing happen to me.
To understand something.
To learn how to play an instrument
To have a new book that isn't about vampires or angels or something else that will make me hate being a human.
To stop dreaming.
To live in the present.
To live well.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

kombi countdown

My brother got a kombi what feels like forever ago and it's finally nearly done!! I am so so excited for all the road trips and memories that will come with the new car that I could burst in anticipation just thinking about it. I'm getting my learners this year and it's got me thinking what car I should buy etc etc.. trust me not a topic that pops up in my head often. I've always wanted to get a vintage beetle and lately I've been kinda dreaming of having a beetle where you can take the top down but considering car's aren't exactly the top priority in my mind I doubt I'll go far enough to actually look into it.

the lounge room in chapter 5

This is adorable.

Friday, February 19, 2010


I have been so ridiculously lazy lately.
Leaving homework and assignments to last minute, pretty much just having no motivation what so ever to do anything other then watch copious amounts of one tree hill, laying around and blogging.
I need to find motivation :|

Just some sweet pics I've had lying around in My Pictures. I love the glitter face! How!?

crossed the line

I'm a little afraid that I've crossed the line from putting a little too much truth into this blog that I come across as emotionally unstable.. I will now make sure to limit myself to only a couple of truthfully upsetting posts and more happy ones.

I'd really like these togs..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

rain and regrets

Why does this feel so big?

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Not sure if anyone even read's this stuff but you might have noticed I'm pretty much flying solo now on this blog, belle hasn't posted in a good few months so you just have me to distract you. I'm sincerely sorry for that.. but alas, I will continue to post pretty pictures and angry rants, to sufficiently waste my time and yours.

right or wrong

I hate when my mind and heart plays tug of war.
Being stuck in the middle of logic and emotion.
Of what you want and what you need.
Of what you can't have and what you can.
Being fed lies and being told the truth.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

crying makes your eyes sting

a little something for you love sick losers

This is so incredibly adorable, I don't know why I love this quote so much. I think it might be because it's just so desperate and frustrating which makes it so beautiful.

i love saint vincent de paul!

Ah vinnies, we have shared a lovely relationship over the past few years and I know we will be together forever.. (or as long as globalization allows)!
I just came home from visiting you with a pale green blazer, a pale lace collared button up blouse, an old tommy hilfiger singlet and a big vintage straw hat with a navy ribbon around it!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

how many more days until winter?

Too many!

valentines day

When I saw this photograph, I told myself. Yes, this valentines day I'm going to hand out replica's of this photo to everyone and make them feel not so lonely on the world's most fucking lonely day of the year! Then I was told I'm working all day. "Happy valentines day annie, I'll take a soy late" Aw thanks.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

somewhere far cooler then here

These photographs propel me into some other world.. where there are copious amounts of cool knitted ponchos, cute frilly cardigans at your disposal, magical meadows and space themed cup's of coffee.

- Anna.

c00l tattoo

Cool tattoo!

ladies night

Tomorrow night, is ladies night in my group of girlfriends! We're going to pop open a bottle of cheap champagne then go bowling (the recipe for disaster)! The above photos don't really relate to a ladies night, I just felt like they captured a party kinda feel. I love those old lights in the first shot, we have them in our backyard and everytime I see them around the place and in photographs I think back on all the good parties and times they have lite up.

- Anna.