Friday, December 24, 2010

woah pools!

I wasn't going to do another post but then I started to look up photos of pools and well.. there's some seriously GREAT pools out there! I especially like the contrast between the incredibly mind blowingly awesome pools and the shitty inflatables haha :)

merry merry christmas bloggers!

I haven't posted at all these holidays as I've been so busy enjoying the pure freedom provided by umemployment and 2 months of no school. My holidays so far have basically consisted of hot days lazing by the public pool with friends, spending hundreds of dollars on christmas gifts (fucking season of giving!), dieing my hair various shades of pink, contionous sleepovers and lots of time spent on trains and buses. Tonight it is Christmas Eve and although this is exciting in a "fuck yeah presents tomorrow and a shitload of good food" kinda way but really tomorrow is far more smile evoking. Obviously.. you may say because tomorrow IS christmas but also tomorrow is Woodford Eve which is considerably more exciting and definitely worth noting. In a mere two days I will be at Woodford probably in the festival at this point munching on satays, filos, pancakes, noodles, gourmet pizza and other various foreign delicacies that keep my stomach rumblin' at night. I will be gearing up for a week of music, laughs and memories that can only be described as 'once in a life time'. What happens in Woodford, stays in Woodford as within all those crowds of dope smelling hippies and amongst hill after hill of secret spots and shadows cast by big gum trees, there is plenty of space and opportunities for secrets to happen and be kept. But before all this I must put back at least half of the clothes I want to pack and bake some cookies for the fam. So my fellow readers (if any are still out and about after my lack of blog-appearance) I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and I hope you all have as awesome of a new years as I will be having! Hohohooho

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Brothers On A Hotel Bed by revolemina

cobra snake

I fell in love with this editorial I found on the cobra snake (here). The photographs for me show a mix of innocence, secrets and maturity. I'd love to do a shoot like this; taking fashion, photography and writing to create a series of photographs that tells a fashionably aesthetic story! Click photos for larger images
Do you ever feel sometimes like, you need to have something you are really good at. Something that strangers and friends and family can remember you for being great at. Do you ever feel like you don't have that 'something'? That maybe you won't find it.

Monday, December 6, 2010


So next year our formal is in April.. which is good and bad. Good: It'll be warmer so unnecessarily ugly shawls aren't needed. Bad: It's in APRIL which is only 4 months away, 4 months seems a long time but the next 2 months will fly, being holidays and then it's only 8 weeks. I want to buy a vintage dress which will most likely involve buying something online from an overseas buyer which is great and all but frustrating because you can't try it on obviously.. Not to mention I have no clue who to even take. geh I'm just going to forget about it for another month or so.

christmas and mountains etcetera etcetera

Holidays have started off slowly but pleasantly enough. I spent the weekend up at my Nan and Pop's house which conveniently is placed a casual half hour drive from the mountains of the "Sunshine" Coast (please note I put sunshine in inverted commas because there was a considerable lack of sunshine for the entire weekend). All in all it was a lovely little getaway; drinking tea and eating nan's home made cookies whilst watching modern family into the wee hours of the morning and driving through small mountain towns, shopping in markets and devouring scones and pies, was most enjoyable. I could find myself easily living up there amongst all the giant green trees and lakes filled with secrets.

On a different note, all this Christmas hype is certainly keeping me jolly, holly and ready for mass amounts of food at family gatherings. I decorated the tree a week or so ago and even bought a USB CONNECTED Christmas tree for my computer! Yeah! So basically I eat all that shit up and if everything happened the way I dream I would be in a big ol' American style home having a white Christmas with ugly sweaters, turkey, carols, mistletoe kisses, ice skating and marshmallows by the fire place. Yet again- around this time of the year I resent to live in the Southern Hemisphere.

All I Want For Christmas Is You (by Mariah Carey) by XmasSongs