Thursday, March 31, 2011

loneliness is like honey nutrigrain

Loneliness is a strange sensation. It's such an impulsive emotion which seems to come across you as quickly as it leaves. An emotion jerked by memories. Another strange part about loneliness is it's probably the most hopeful sad emotion in the book. No matter how much you crave the company of someone else, at least you are hoping and thinking about it at the same time. Loneliness reminds me of honey nutrigrain. I used to love honey nutrigrain when I was 10 or something and then one day all of a sudden it wasn't on the shelves anymore. Loneliness kinda creeps up on you like a sudden craving for a food you no longer have right now. You remember the taste of what you want and the more you think about it, the more tangible it is. I guess that's why in my dreams I always feel like it's real because I've had the whole night to conjure a bunch of images about what I want or desire or fear. Time really does alter reality. One of my greatest fears is to end up alone because simply that is just way too much time with my crazy mind.

big fan

JCDC x The Cobrasnake from thecobrasnake on Vimeo.

audrey tautou

These holidays I have a goal to watch all of Audrey Tautou's films that I can get my hands on. Thankfully, working at a video shop makes this goal easily accesible but unfortanetly the art house section lacks significantly in number and quality of films... REGARDLESS so far I have seen...

  • Amelie 
  • Coco Avant Chanel
  • Hunting and Gathering
  • The Da Vinci Code
On my list I still want to see...
  • A Very Long Engagement
  • Dirty Pretty Things
  • Full Treatment
  • Priceless
  • Not on the Lips
  • He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

I love her as an actress because she always plays strong minded characters with a cheeky, witty charm. I read a quote that Audrey takes pictures of each reporter who interviews her and keeps them in a scrapbook. I find actors that play roles which fit in with their true personality and identity to be the most realistic and interesting to watch. Anyway, I'll let you know how many movies I get through over the next fortnight. Hope everyone is either enjoying their holidays or not.. if you're still at school. muauha

Friday, March 25, 2011

last words

I was watching the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother last night (partly because Katy Perry was guest starring and partly because I did not have any motivation or inspiration to get off the couch). Anyway the episode was all about last words which I found pretty interesting because I'm a big last words person. My favourite book is based around a guy who is a pro with remembering famous writer's and icon's last words and truth be told, I myself am a little obsessive when it comes to last words- but not at remembering them. I'm the person that stresses when my brother is out in the Valley at 5 in the morning and when Mum and Dad are driving in shit weather conditions. You could call me an over worrier or someone that has read way too many sad books, either way, it's just something I do. Anyway so I usually go through a worst-case-scenarios half hour in my head where I think of all these terrible things. I have a theory that as soon as you think of something that could happen, it will never happen. The really good and bad parts of life always come as a surprise. SO here I am thinking through all these horrid worst case scenarios, one half thinking about how horrible it is and the other kinda relieved that at least there is less of a chance of any of them occurring. Cos I thought of them first. Just to be safe though, I tend to send a text or give a call just to check up on how they're going and tell them I love them. Just to safe because you really never know when that worst case scenario will sneak up on you. Here's one of my favourite famous last words:

Now comes the mystery.
~~ Henry Ward Beecher, evangelist, d. March 8, 1887 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

garden state

If you haven't already seen it, go rent it out now

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I recently bought a beautiful pink 70's dress from Hello Again Vintage's store on Etsy (HERE) which is absoluetly beautiful! ANYWAY so she's doing on a giveaway for this cute little floral vintage necklace off another great blog A Girl and Her Scout which you should all go check out :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

book update

I am meant to be finishing off my english assignment on Othello so instead I thought I'd finally do my book catch up! Here are quick little reviews on the books I've read over the past few months..

Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

I really enjoyed this novel as it encompased food (my latest passion.. not that I actually cook myself.. just enjoy watching and reading about others cooking), love (always need a bit of fictional heartache) and a beautiful setting. Mum had be urging me to read this book for years now but somehow I always put another book in front of it. Anyway I'm glad I finally gave him some attention as it was a beautiful escape for a few days which I'd recommend to anyone!

You Against Me by Jenny Downham

I loved her previous novel Before I Die so when I saw she had a new novel out I did an inside dance on the way to the counter. I don't know if it topped Before I Die but I still enjoyed it none the less. It has has enough interesting twists to keep you turning the pages although it did feel a bit "he likes her" "she doesn't like him" "they like eachother" "she hates him" "he hates her" "they like eachother"... ladela. Luckily I'm a sucker for a bad romance (unintentional lady gaga song reference) but if you are not a fan of kinda childish romance then pass this one up.

Embrace by Jessica Shirvington

I was actually pleasantly surprised with this one! I have read a few books based around the fantasy element of angels which were all lovely but not particularly any different from your regular teen fantasy book BUT I feel this one actually gave justice to the genre! It felt like they'd legit done their research on the myths and legends behind angels and used those to provide a more realistic (as realistic as a book about angels can be) novel overall.

Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler

Ignore the book title and the corny cover art, although yes this certainly does fit under the beach read category it is still a beautifully written and quite complex book! I really enjoyed learning about the characters in this book and thought the author gave great insight into the themes which where confronted. Perfect holiday read!

The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove by Lauren Kate

I read 2 of Lauren Kate's previous novels which I really enjoyed although this book was a bit of a let down. It was just frustrating and repetitive. The only redeeming factor was a clever twist at the end. Still- not worth it.

Chasers by James Phelan

Read this one if you're a fan of sci-fi end of world kinda books! Although it's a bit slow at the beginning it has such a great twist at the end it is completely worth it! Plus it's series! It has a great use of real knowledge and facts mixed with the fiction which creates an interesting book that isn't too easy to put down.

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

News of the World quoted this book as "heartbreakingly good.. up there with Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bones... Impossible to forget." I think that sums up this novel pretty well! They say it takes a mature writer to write about immaturity and I think this book definetly gives justice to that saying. I finished it off in under 48 hours which gives you an idea of how good I think it is!

A Gathering Light by Jennifer Donnelly

This book is set in the early 1900's which I found really interesting as I've never read a book set in that time era! It takes modern day issues but expressed in such a different time which gives a completely different slant on the same problems any teenage girl faces. It is so beautifully written and the imagery is right up there with Frankenstien which is a petty big statement considering the whole bloody book is written about imagery...

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

About a year ago I heard that Carrey Mulligan would be starring in this movie called Never Let Me Go so I wrote it up on a sticky note in my room to go rent out, simply because I am obsessed with Carrey Mulligan. A few months later I looked up that a: it hasn't been released yet, b: it had keira knightley in it too! and c: it's based on a book. A few days later I went and bought it because I hate seeing movies before reading the book versions of it first. I had no idea what to expect for this book but it's safe to say it exceeded my expectations considerably. It is the most complex and unique idea for a book I've read about since Hunger Games. I don't want to go into too much detail because it's the kind of book that is great to read about with no prior knowledge on the subject matter but basically.. just read it. BEFORE THE MOVIE.

The Girl who kicked the Hornett's Nest by Stieg Larsson 

The last novel in the Millennium Series it finishes it off with an equal amount of horror and suspense. No point reading this until you've read the first 3 so go read the first 3 then ask me for my opinion on this book.. it may take a while!

Wish this was my room ^

I need a bigger book case. Good night!

i miss my pink hair

stupid private schools

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

study cupboard

This is exactly what I need; a study cupboard. That way I can truly shut the door between work and life. Whoever invented this genius idea is like the dude who created facebook.. but in study cupboards. Anyway, basically the reason I haven't been posting is I'm in exam block (with no study cupboard) and therefore I can simply NOT allow myself to be distracted (which I wouldn't be if I had a study cupboard). I hope you're all going well with your exams (though you'd probs be going better with a study cupboard). That's all really (STUDY CUPBOARD) yeah

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Hello, the mix below was done by my brother and his best friend Red. It's only a rough one and I'll be sure to put up the pro one soon. To fit in with the theme of "Teen Girls" which is the name of their dj bromance I posted an array of teenage girl photographs. If you hadn't already put 2 in 2 together. Have a listen.

Happy Thursday Almost Friday, Annie.

 Teen Girl Live Mix (Rough Copy) by Teen Girls

Sunday, March 6, 2011

sly north wind

Angus and Julia - Paper Aeroplane by littlelinds

On windy Sunday afternoons I have more difficulty than usual to stay indoors and do what I'm supposed to be doing. On windy days I have this urge to be outside and feel the wind pull back my hair. I have a theory that on windy days your true desires and regrets emerge. I wish I could see some statistics on how many people today make an impulsive decision. I think we do it because on a windy day it feels like whatever you say or do, it might just blow away with the wind. This morning I found myself sitting on the front deck just thinking listlessly for half an hour or so with no real intention on doing anything in particular but rather instead just imagining and dreaming of different possibilities. I usually get bored of my own mind chatter but on windy days it feels like a solid companion and it's almost enjoyable to look back and look forward on good and bad memories in life. Days like today I really wish I had someone to have a picnic with by the water.

Friday, March 4, 2011


I am really inspired by photographs in lakes, the ocean, anything really to do with large expanses of water! I think it just looks so beautiful to have floating figures or a figure under water. It creates this vulnerable, magical feel for an image. I'd really love to do some type of shoot with girls in long flowy dresses under water. Unfortanetly this would involve an extremely expensive underwater slr lens :S and also access to a lake that isn't filled with snakes and eels..

rain, rain don't go away

Tonight I'm snuggled up under a blanket listening to music and the rain. I'll eventually start my assignments but right now it's too nice to frustrate myself with socio-economic status and drama terminology. I suggest you all do the same :)

Priscilla Ahn - Rain by mezo siagian

Thursday, March 3, 2011

wants to pull a ferris

School is so ridiculously insane at the moment and it's only Term 1. I think I might actually turn a little bit insane by Term 3 and it should be fun to look back on this post and compare how sane it is compared to the one that will come in 6 months time.. I wish I could just take a Ferris Bueler's day off right now (shoulder pads included). Since I'm not the only one suffering out there I figured I'd make a music list to get you through your study nightmares. Listen in order:

Because Let's Get Retarded is way too nawty to start your studious period and also.. cos like you gotta get started..

Black eyed peas - lets get it started *Kissable* by J.Kissable

Fuck that song gets really annoying by the end of it. Anyway.. now that you're started

2. Crave you- Flight Facilities
Because it's a good song which you need to hear after the one above

Flight Facilities - Crave You by underhisempire

3. Bottom of the Lake- Tinpan Orange
You should really be working now (no procrastinating facebook check ins and pointless food breaks)This song shouldn't distract you and it should perk your creativty because it's fantastic!

Tinpan Orange: The Bottom Of The Lake by gaga-digi

4. You're The One That I Want Cover- Angus and Julia Stone
I figured that this one is relevant for those of you in our school musical Grease! Learning songs whilst studying = excellent multi-tasking ;)

Angus and Julia Stone - You're The One That I Want by nettwerkmusicgroup

5. Young Blood- Naked and Famous
Okay at this stage you're probably half falling asleep so here's a song to perk up your energy levels (please feel free to allow yourself a dance break)

The Naked and Famous - Youngblood by pcagx

6. Embrace- Pnau
EMBRACE this break because now you can go get something to eat and procrastinate for the duration of this song. Side Note- this song was so bloody great live even if it was sweaty on that weird middle aged dude's shoulders and I probably looked like the biggest cliche teenage shoulder-crowd-dancer ever

Pnau-Embrace by Greatluna

7. HAVE FUN- Bleeding Knees Club
Ha owned.. you're not going to have fun muahhaa

HAVE FUN by Bleeding Knees Club

8. Smells like Teen Spirit- Nirvana
Yeah getcha teen spirit on n shit.. (running out of song ideas, should've stuck to 5 songs)

(Nirvana) - Smells Like Teen Spirit by Fenerium

9. Under Pressure- Queen

Queen - Under Pressure by Itubaina Radio Retro

10. Ocean- John Butler Trio
Pack up your shit and wind down.. you've got 12 and a half minutes to do it

The John Butler Trio - Ocean by Black_Sheep

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


It's finally Autumn although unfortunately Autumn in Australia isn't anything like all the beautiful photographs above this text. I really wish we had big oak trees with yellow and red hues, dead leaves scattered all over the roads and pathways and for it to be cold enough to slip on socks and slippers and scarfs and pom pom beanies. Except, it's not. Today to commemorate the first day of Autumn it was a mild 37 degrees.. not exactly a nice beginning to what is meant to be a cooler season. Hopefully the temperature will drop down soon and I can maybe wear something other than shorts and singlets... but probably not.

In other news I was watching the Oscars with mum last night as per usual and I have to say I think I am in love with Mila Kunis's lavender gown by Elie Saab from her Spring 2011 Couture collection. I wish I could wear that to my formal!