Friday, October 1, 2010


I am suffering from severe bloggers block. I think of things I want to write about when I'm outside of home but when it comes to typing it up I kinda forget/don't care enough to write about it any more. I could just do post after post of relatively interesting photos that may or may not be relevant to you but I try limit those. I want to actually write. To write about things that someone may read and actually impact them. Hence forth I kinda think of this blog like one big book. A book with endless mini chapters of ramblings, outbursts, sometimes insight but mostly just depressing thoughts of quotes and books. Therefore I have justified myself in why I'm in my post-rut.. it is simply- like writers block, giving my mind the time to think up some actually half decent shit! Or I suppose it could be due to the virus I have on my computer right now forcing me to use my mum's laptop. Screw you TVSHACK!

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