Thursday, April 29, 2010


I actually NEED a wooden plank like this to put over my bath, I spend hours in the bath reading or writing or memorizing speeches.. the list goes on! And I always end up dropping my shit in the water because my hands get sore.. I need this.

there goes the good mood

It was nice while it lasted.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

morning boredom

So I'm currently sitting in sos attempting to start my report on adolesence but am far too distracted by a: my book which I can't read because the relief teacher takes his job very seriously and catches me everytime I try finish my chapter. b: the bloody groundsman is mowing just outside the window and the sound is ringing in my ears. c: its 9:20 and I usually don't start functioning for at least another hour. See, really each one of those reasons SCREAM adolesence. I should just write that in my report. Uh.. here's a few pictures incase anyone else is bored out of their brains in school right now. (Thank god they haven't blocked blogs or picture sites yet!)

Ah.. I wish I was outside on this beautiful day doing beautiful things.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

wee bit lonely

I should really stop saving pictures like this, I know that they will make me lonely and in theory I know that nothing will change in my life from saving them but for some reason I do. I think it's the same reason ladies love to read romance novels and tv shows and what not.. We enjoy to feel lonely and yearn for some perfect man to whisk us away. Half of the fun if imagining all the different what if's rather than thinking about it realistically. Realistically, this perfect man doesn't exist but that's okay, as long as we have him in our imagination that's all that really matters. My perfect man would cook me pancakes in the morning and not get annoyed when I cry. He'd surprise me and whisper me secrets. He'd stay up the whole night with me no matter how tired he is. Imagination I believe, is the greatest and most fulfilling distraction of all.

change of heart

I used to hate them.
Now I all of a sudden have grown a taste for them with time.. I think it's like wine, when you're a kid you could not think of a more repulsive and terrible tasting drink, where as now I honestly don't mind the taste of a cheap 9 dollar sack of fruity lexia. Anyway, this was a really pointless post, I'm just going to stop talking and finish off my packet.

not keen on the modern movements of 3D TELEVISION

Seriously why the fuck is every movie at the moment in 3D! It is such shit for the following reasons:
1. The new 3D glasses are even more gay because they are a pathetic attempt at ray bans but look too big and weirdly shaped to be considered normal. This results in whoever you're at the movie with pissing themselves everytime they look at you and how ridiculous you look sitting there in the dark in those stupid god dam glasses.
2. It gives you a headache after a while.
3. When it comes out in the movie store, NO ONE HAS 3D! So it just looks shit and animated.
In reference to number 3- if you want a perfect example of what I mean, watch final destination 4. It has officially won the award for the most fake guts and blood to ever be seen in television.


Okay, need to have massive blog catch up since I haven't properly posted in like a week!! First off, I would just like to say that long weekends are a little piece of heaven in a school term. Kinda like when you're in the middle of a boring class when the fire drill or stranger danger alarm goes off. A getaway, escape, distraction whichever word tickles your fancy. My long weekend was pretty fantastic in a hectic kind of way. I actually managed to go out every single night which resulted in dead legs and sore eyes. I think having that long weekend has put me in an unseasonably good mood.. Today I was walking around school, on the way to some stupid, irrelevant and completely unnecessary career interview and I just stopped and all of a sudden in one big out of no where burst, felt extremely happy and blessed. I'm not sure what triggered these impromptu endorphins, perhaps it was understanding maths b for the first lesson this year or maybe it was just a little reminder from my unconscious self that I have so many things to be happy for that I ignore. Anyway, clearly I'm feeling very happy today and I encourage anyone reading this right now feeling upset and looking for one of my regular depressing posts (don't worry I'm sure they'll be back before you know it).. to just consider all the great things to come instead of mulling over all the shit that has been.

okay.. I suppose the picture doesn't have any particular relevance to this post other than bunnie's in tea cups making me happy.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

so why did i take maths b?

Bad mistake annie.

bit of fun

not very committed

I decided to cut dedication week short, mainly because I have emptied every possible photo that illustrates "friendship" and it's beginning to just become a big rant of personal jokes. So back to regular random distractions.. I'll start it back off with my usual string of depressingly relateable quotes and a quick side note off that- YOUR NOT BIG AND TOUGH BECAUSE YOU PUT THE WORD CUNT IN BETWEEN EVERY SENTENCE. IN FACT YOU JUST LOOK LIKE A DERRO WITH NO LEGIT VOCAB!

Monday, April 19, 2010

she rhymes with smelly

Where do I start on this one.. well first she's probably the only girl that reads this blog religiously which makes me love her even more than I already do! She also happens to rave like a mad bitch and usually ends up at my house eating curry and rice with me after parties. Which is cool.. :D This girl, myself and another girl always watch crazy as horror movies together.. like orphan and jennifer's body which is kinda hardcore! She also happens to sail the wynnum seas like a dolphin and one day she'll own this huge sailing boat and have some hot sailor husband (like picture above) and yeah that'll be pretty awesome. She also LOVES CHOCOLATE and eats it everyday, like seriously every bloody day. We also bond over the kettle! Oh and has an obsessive crush on that diver dude thomas daley, and will probably in the future lock him in a basement to be her own living keepsake. Nah but seriously she is probably the most fun, loving and warm hearted person I know and I know that we will watch horrors together until we're old and withered. I love you so much you crazy raving salior thanks for reading all the shit I post on this damn blog!

she rhymes with boobs

This post is especially for a girl that needs a smile right now!
She is so unbelievably gorgeous inside and out and I am so so lucky to have her as one of my best friends. She is a crazy good actress and will probs be famous one day so I hope I get a special note when she wins an oscar.. ke he he :o! She enjoys running in the mud of the wynnum foreshore with me during thunderstorms, gloria jean's caramellates and bonding over gj's in general and having a solid d and m at any given time. We have spent countless nights laying on my bed talking about boys and girls and the high's and low's of teenagehood and I am glad that I have her there at my disposal to do that.. I want this girl to know that she is important to so many people even if she feels like she is going unnoticed. We all love you dear, even the strangers that are reading this right now but especially me!! Keep your head up high, be the lovely person that you are and you will not fall.

he rhymes with goon sack

The next lucky stranger to appear on my most loved dedicatee's is the most chilled, loyal and god damn techno-bashing fella I know! You will never meet a boy more chilled and relaxed than this one, no matter how moody and crazy I am! He is my favourite boy in the whole world for some many different countless reasons. One day he'll probably be a famous architect and dj cos he really loves to rave. If you haven't guessed already, I'll give you the key word.. Hut. Oh yes, the hut.. the place where all responsibilities are thrown out the window to be replaced with a chilled temperature of 16 degrees. He also has a kombi! Anyway, like I said the most amazing big brother a girl could have, thank you so bloody much for putting up with my shit and for driving me across brisbane to see holly at 9 o clock at night! This one is for you...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

looking for alaska

Holy shit, I just noticed that 2 days ago it was this blog's one year anniversary! Did not know it existed for that long! yippee :D Anyway, I know I said this week was all about dedicated posts and I will continue with those but I just need to do a quick post on this absolutely fucking amazing book I just finished. It was too incredible to post about it any later. It's called "Looking for Alaska" by John Green. I have actually posted a couple of quotes from this novel in the past which inspired me to go read the book. It is the kind of book you put down afterward and you just can't let go of the characters, you need to make yourself a bit more like them. Alaska Young, the girl the book is more or less based around I have decided is the most strong minded, inspiring, vulnerable character I have come across in literature. She is wild and impulsive but so fascinating and different that she has actually inspired me to be a bit less guarded in life and to just let go. Anyway if I go any further it'll sound like I have some creepy lesbian book crush on her.. (which I don't.. I swear..) Go buy the book now! Now now now, no "oh.. sound's interesting. i'll have to read it one day".. NO. Right now get off your lazy ass, exit facebook and this blog and go buy this book. Thank-you :)

Above is couple of quotes from the book, forgive me if I've repeated some I've already posted. And below this I've posted a song created by some stranger after reading this book which I have to admit is bloody good and very catchy!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

she rhymes with jolly

The next dedicated post goes to a new gal in my life, that has wandered in and quite literally taken my heart (it's facebook offical...) She is a crazy cat woman, and enjoys watching thumb war movies with me on our casj sleepovers. Oh and she loves the word casj, and bloddy and has pretty much changed my whole vocab to say these two words in every sentence I speak. She rages and rants with me for hours and hours about our woes and heartache and for that I love her dearly. She is my shoulder to lean on as I am her's so this post is for you lovie.

P.S- away from the stranger that rhymes with jolly, I've just started a new blog for my personal photography so do check it out!

annie's photography