Tuesday, October 12, 2010

filling in time before my teacher marks my english draft

I am currently lazing in English "using my time productively" whilst waiting for my teacher to come mark my half decent assignment and.. hopefully cross out enough of it to make it under the word limit. I can never, ever, no matter how boring the topic write an assignment under the word limit or on the word limit. I must always ramble and rant until I'm hundreds of words over and try to hide this by putting a narrow margin and small text size. It doesn't work.

In other news, the rain seems to finally be settling down! You see, I love rainy, dark, misty days but even I have been tested this week with the constant wind and rain. It made my satchel disgusting and I hate having a dirty satchel..

This week has also been fairly dramatic and crazy which is in sync with the weather! My good friend was talking to me earlier in the week about how vodka was his friend but then he stabbed him in the back and he supposes they'll be friends again in the future. It reminded me of girls. Vodka and girls ain't so different.. like vodka- a girl will seem to be really kind but then stab you in the back causing you to fight and hate but then a few weeks/months/years whatever later you'll probably be friends again. Girls are toxic. Vodka is toxic?

Now that the weather has settled down maybe this drama will as well. I hope everyone is enjoyed the brief brake of rain and "using their time productively" in classes ;)

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