Sunday, February 27, 2011

city and colour

City and Colour by VagrantRecords

I get to see you live in under 2 months..

mountains, beach and technology-related rants

This weekend was Mum's birthday weekend so Dad, Mum and I drove up to stay with my nan and pop at their house nestled in the mountains up North. Between the beach on Saturday where I ate lots of snow-cups (modern day version of a snow cone) and returned home with really knotty salty hair and rosy sun-burnt cheeks. AND the mountains today where I bought little nic-nacs at the Sunday markets in Malany and stopped by the Woodford pub for lunch...... it was pretty great. Although unfortunately lifes little nagging issues follow you along the bendy roads of the mountains and up the sandy kilometres of beach until they're right there beside you as annoying and present as ever. I really truly wish some things could juts be forgotten with a little pill (not referencing to hallucinating drugs which I am quite strongly opposed to). Sometimes I wonder if all the perks of technology in the modern day are truly worth the baggage that comes along with it. Sometimes I think I'd prefer back then when maybe you'd die young because there wasn't a cure for a flu but also you'd die clueless and innocent and there wouldn't be a facebook group dedicated to your peace resting within 2 hours. On the topic of technology rants- for similar reasons I refuse to buy an iphone. I have a niggling fear that someone will connect every iphone in the world to some secret database where they'll watch your every move or maybe turn them into nuclear weapons. I don't like the idea of having that much power under my bare fingers. Anyway, I should probably finish ranting now before I sound like someone from the baby boomer generation. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and has an enjoyable week.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hello, I'm too busy trying to be a normal year 12 student and study hard and work hard and mainly procrastinate. So please o, please do yourself a favour and distract yourself in this blog HERE! Emily McGuire creates the most incredible handmade clothing and her blog focus's on her research towards her graduate year collection all about diffusion I believe! Anyway like any art concept, it's way too complex and deep to explain so instead just immerse yourself in her visionary and enjoy :)

Also if you fall in love with her clothes and wish to purchase or enquire further please go ahead and like this page HERE!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

interesting remix of ella fitzgerald

Overdub - Summerlove - Avia & Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong by StevenTB


all work, no play

Unfortunately year 12 is much harder than I expected it to be. This weekend I have been room-ridden slowly chugging my way through all my assignments. I think my highlight of Friday night was watching my weekly episode of Ultimate Cake Off- although even still I was a tad disappointed. The theme was Fashion and Cars and I don't know if it's just me.. but honestly car people can't pretend they know fashion. Fashion people can meld with cars just fine but car people trying to meld with fashion.. nop will never, ever work. Yesterday's highlight was probably eating breakie with Mum and Dad at my favourite restaurant down at 'da' Local Plaza! It's like a little peace of heaven in Hell or otherwise described as; A little bit of class in a bogan-filled-harsh-fluorescent lit-jail. Although that bogan-filled-harsh-fluorescent lit-jail will always hold precious memories from when I used to slave at a coffee shop there last year. Highlight for today was when I made myself laugh when realizing that my sos assignment (which is the most dreadful thing I've endured since the last sos assignment) works in really well with Rihanna's song SOS. Not only is it the same name but the fact that SOS stands for a distress signal makes it extra witty and hilarious. yay annie. Other than all those crazy times I've basically just been sitting here, indulging my way through 2 bags of russian fudge. Sorry stomach.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


My thoughts on Valentines Day; IF you're in a relationship then you must simply embrace the corny/materialistic bullshit. Buy roses, chocolate and teddy bears. I think it's kinda lame when you do the whole Valentines Day thing but refuse to do it in the "mainstream" way and instead struggle to find someway to celebrate it without roses and chocolate (THERE ISN'T A WAY!) For you single people (o yeah, me included!) Valentines Day is the biggest joke of the year. You laugh about how stupid it is and how stupid the people are whom are taking it seriously but then you go home and dance to Fireworks by Katy Perry and feel more than a tad bit depressed for a decent few hours. So I SAY, since your special day isn't about to be made, why not make someone elses? Slip a few anonymous notes in random lockers and make someone else feel special. Or just dance to Katy Perry. Either or..

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

rollerskate derby

This week has been up down, tipsy turby, side to side. Having a stupid head cold is most certainly a down point and due to that I couldn't attend school yesterday and today (arguably an up point). After going to see the Doc yesterday, Mum and I drove over to the Valley to check out a vintage boutique there, in hope of finding a possible formal dress. There was no formal dress but there was a fun filled suitcase of $5 delicacies. I got this one shirt that had "Rollerskate Derby 78" in cursive print on the back of the shirt. Due to that I was talking to the shop assistant about rollerskate derbies and the like. She then told me that down at Beenleigh once a month they have derbies!! So next month I will be attending a derby in 70s/80s get up. I am actually considering taking a class and trying out for a team! Here's photos from the fantastic movie "Whip It" with the always lovely Ellen Page.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

sunday sorrows

I don't know what it is about Sundays but for me, they never ever seem to work out and it always seems to end up with me sitting at home over thinking everything and just generally feeling crappy. I blame the bad romantic comedy I watched this morning that brainwashed me into thinking that everything ends happily and your perfect guy exists la la la. I don't tend to watch romantic comedies because they always just bring on bad moods and make me angry about how unrealistic they are. I hate the heat also. I've never been a big Summer person. I don't know how anyone can stand living in shorts and singlets for 3 or so months. Just looking at big fur jackets make me sigh in discontempt. I don't think my doggie Bailey likes it either cos she's currently looking at me very unhappily. Another thing I'm sick off is talking about formals. In our grade right now that is litearlly all every person is talking about. I am yet to decide on someone to take, I have some cheap vintage dresses coming from overseas that I have no idea if they'll even fit me, let alone look good. I don't know why I'm so fussy about who to take to the stupid formal. I think its my dumb teenage girly side coming out. I am just adament to take someone that a: ISN'T REALLY TALL, b: someone I can hold a decent conversation with and c: which is a secret. If I could get my way I'd die my hair purple and go with a pornstar 'Girl Next Door' style. Unfortanetly private schools aren't into purple hair and pornstars. Sucha pity.