Sunday, January 31, 2010

my favourite song is the playlist of my life

Everyday is a new day of my life and everyday there's a new song to go with it.

- Anna.


Why does everyone expect so much of everyone, I'm tired of labels and descriptions and time frames and all this crap that is supposed to make things more understandable but really just confuses the fuck out of everyone! I think we should all just stick to the one label that should mean something; accept. Accept the stuff someone does that is amazing even if it gnaws you in the brain because you wish you were more like them.. and above everything accept the mistakes. Because if you can accept them, then you understand life just that little bit more.

- Anna

mad world

Everytime you look at somebody, my immediate thought is, "Whats your problem?" "Whats the part of your life right now that is making you miserable?". Everybody has issues.
I think that makes the human race a really sad, and complicated bunch of creatures.. But I can take comfort sometimes in thinking, at least theres another 6 billion or so people in this world that are feeling the same shit as I am right now.

- Anna

Saturday, January 30, 2010

the raggedy man

I've been meaning to post on this film for agessss but I somehow keep forgetting..
I watched the film "Raggedy Man" on one of the old school channels on foxtel a few weeks ago, thinking it would be one of those corny, over dramatic movies that we all adore but hate. But, film date aside.. it was an incredible, realistic movie and I found myself in tears by the end of it. The clothes alone in the movie make it worthwhile to watch it but then there is also the most traumatic and frustrating storyline, you really feel for the female lead. I'd say go rent it out but I doubt this one will even be in the classics section at video ezy. But perhaps keep an eye out on foxtel!


It's interesting how you can look at photos and can almost just feel the warmth coming out of them. In these photos I can imagine being in them and feeling this moment myself. You know you have an amazing photograph when a viewer can feel it.

simplicity is fantasy

Don't wish for simple because everything is complicated. If there was something simple you wouldn't love it, it'd be okay.. but it would bore you with time. But it's a lovely thought sometimes, to love or hate or anything that falls below those categories, in a simple manner. No drama and heartbreak. Just, black and white and no reading inbetween the lines. No confusion.

best idea ive come up with in longgggg time

I threw a best friend of mine a surprise party last week, and the photo above shows her face when she walked out the door. That face, that photograph makes it all worth it.

testing out a new suitable name

This blog only seems to distract me and that seems to be all I want right now, so I figured why not?

So I'm distracted by coloured icicles

And incredible resorts

And this giant discoloured pool thing

And swans

And Leonardo Di Caprio..

Thursday, January 21, 2010


My new word meaning free from reality.

- Anna


When thoughts crowd my head, I organise things, I plan ahead and I go over details of how I'm going to do something again and again until I'm distracted enough to forget.
When thoughts crowd my head I should just get lost in the crowd.

- Anna

Sunday, January 17, 2010

new beginnings

The spark that will light the way.

- Anna.

Monday, January 11, 2010

action speaks louder then words

I have this sudden urge to want to do something incredible with my life. I want to do stuff for the good of other people. I want to put my piece into the puzzle of life. I want to do something crazy, something to put next to my name and make a good chapter in a book. I want to sleep on a mattress in the middle of a forest, I want to be more creative, I want to learn how to play the piano.. Not as a new years resolution but to do it now!!

- Anna.


One of the most beautiful series I've ever read, everything from the cover art, to the font, down to the way it is written is so flowing and graceful. I thought these photo's above well represented the theme of the book.. I won't say anything else other then go buy it now!!

- Anna.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I've been so busy the past couple of weeks with work, christmas, woodford folk festival etc etc etc I have had no time and inspiration to put any real effort into the blog! But I have no excuse now so I shall spend more time typing and less time doing the stuff I should be doing!

Here's a couple of pictures from woodford I can't help but share..

Looking over the village green..

Cruising through the festival...

Swimming in Snake Gully Pond among who know's what...

Dawn, 2010. The first light...

- Anna.