Saturday, April 23, 2011

lack of posts

Life has been busy and I've been lazy hence my current lack or posts on the ol' blog. I had formal last weekend than recovery from formal this week (at school.. not fun) and now I'm on my 5 day Easter break which isn't much of a break as it is mainly consisting of paid work and school work. I like being busy as it's the best way to keep your head away from pointless over-thinking which I am a trained professional at. I said a while ago on this blog how I wanted to find some sort of beauty every day in life, I don't know if I've really stuck to the whole "every day" thing but I do now and then spot something interesting and then remember that resolution and feel relatively fulfilled and successful. Today I met a fine lady called Mavis when I was working at the local video store who is an elderly woman that comes into the store 3 or 4 times a week. She catches a cab in as she can no longer drive and spends an hour to an hour and a half picking a new selection of ten to fifteen slayer/horror/thriller/gore/anything involving extreme violence movies. She is a lovely old lady and as she was browsing the store with her coke in hand I struggled to understand why she loves slayer movies so much. It certainly is an interesting predicament. I then thought- why the hell shouldn't she love and watch gory horror movies! I too love horror movies and I don't know why I would discontinue to watch them in my later years in life. Thanks Mavis for making my day in smiles and amusement.

Hope everyone enjoys their chocolate.

Monday, April 11, 2011

mood board for the week

Weird, wonderful, mysterious, frivolous, exciting, UNEXPECTED!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

here comes term 2

The holidays this term are so bipolar as today my holidays officially ended where as for many other schools it was their offical beginning. I go back to school for a week or so then I get another 5 days off for easter! It's really inconvenient to have half the schools on holidays when the other half isn't but oh WELL. This week will basically just be a massive countdown to this weekend anyway as this weekend is our senior formal! It's pretty exciting as unless you have some glamorous job, you really only get 2 chances in your life to dress up in a gown and that is formal and your wedding. Unless you're a formal slut and get invited to heaps of other boys formal's.. this is your only chance for at least another 5 years to really dress up! As a little girl my favourite game was dress ups so it doesn't surprise  me how much I enjoy the whole process of formals. Unluckily for my Mum and anyone else who has been in the room when formal dresses have been discussed in the past month.. I am far to indecisive. I blame being a Libran and generally being a really picky person. After many dress related dramas I am happy to have it all finally sorted out and just in time. I'll be sure to put up some pictures next week, along with the developed city and colour photos. Hope everyone has either a terrible start to term 2 or a fantastic start to your holiday break!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

jesse jo vs vans

JESSE JO HAS MELDED MY 2 FAVOURITE SHOES; CREEPERS AND VANS TO CREATE THE BEST SHOE EVER. (caps lock nessacery) I am so buying these as soon as they are available!!! Source: nylon mag article

greatest night

It's 1AM which is the standard time for me to be awake these past two weeks of the holidays. It's a little concerning as I'll have to re-adapt to waking at 6.30AM again as of Monday which should make for an interesting situation. Most nights I'm staying awake due to boredom and routine but tonight I'm up purely from the leftover adrenaline still running through my body from the concert I attended tonight. I saw City and Colour play at the Tivoli a few hours ago and I'm not even sure if I'll be able to use my developing writing skills to explain how truly incredible the concert was. Dallas Green connects with his audience in a way which leaves each and every person feeling personally in debt to ensure he has a great night and to give him the respect he deserves. The support act was by a band called Hey Rosetta which were really great and reminded me of a mix between Cat Empire, The Wombats and some wicked Orchestra. There were probably 8 people or something in the band who all played multiple instruments (cue Cat Empire reference) with classic instruments such as violins and cellos (cue Orchestra ref) as well as a bunch of different guitars, drums, multiple keyboards and probs other instruments that my lacking music knowledge can't name for you. Overall it creates this upbeat music which is both danceable and relaxed (cue Wombats ref). Anyway then Dallas came on (main dude from City and Colour incase you're stupid) and every girl in the audience put a group curse in their heads on his wife. I never really realised how funny he is! He kept telling stories and anecdotes throughout the show in between songs and whateva and he could easily have been a comedian as a back up job. His humour reminds me of a slightly nicer version of Arj Barker but than again I could just be linking the American accents. All of my favourites songs managed to make the line up other than the 2nd half of The Girl (bit where it goes really fast -> gives me a similar feeling to went Katy Perry gets really into the 2nd chorus of Fireworks) and Save Your Sissors but I guess you can't get EVERYTHING. Other than that minor, minor, basically non-existent disappointment he was truly amazing, his voice is ridiculously beautiful and especially considering he's been on tour singing all de time for months and months. I think my favourite part of the night was either when he pointed out his lighting dude is a huge fan of marijuana and that anyone in the audience, if they were to have pot, should definitely come forth and share some with him later on.. OR when he told the audience "thank you for one of the best nights of my life". That gave me some severe idol-titus shivers up the ol' spine.

After such an eventful night it's always good to reflect and write down how great it is before you already begin to forget little details. It's even better writing with a cup of instant soup as well, might I mention. THANK YOU DALLAS for making my Friday night amazing and for generally being a really cool dude (cos you're obviously reading this right now) and I hope everyone else had an equally great night (but you wouldn't have unless you were at City and Colour with me). Sweet dreams.

P.S- I do have photos but they're yet to be developed so I will share on a later date :)