Sunday, October 10, 2010

on a similar note..

I was extremely lucky to receive two hand-made clothing items from two fashionista (yeah i used the word) that both happen to have incredibly cool and interesting blogs! Win win situation basically. Thanks a million to Emily McGuire and Charlie Shires (click links now to view mentioned blogs)! Emily is an unbelievably talented Designer whom I have linked and mentioned many times before on this blog. If you have no already checked out her hand-made garments, do yourself a favour and do so, as I'm telling you one day she will be famous! (apology for sounding like an old proud g-ma)

Charlie on the other hand is not only talented with a sewing machine but also with her writing. Her blog is fun-filled with all sorts of random rants, stories, various fashion chit-chats, photos and other curiousities. We are infact adopted sisters- as we both blog, both enjoy to party and both like to sing along and pimp dance to bad rap music.. And now thanks to my bday pressie we both have the same dress in different colours! So we can go hang out like the olysen twins before they got old and indie, in matching outfits! WEOW. oh and while we're at it.. you should also check out Charlies boyfie J-cub who is a wicked good photographer/blog ranter/general storyteller. Thanks j-cub for catching the smiles from the night with your skills and great approachable party manner!

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