Tuesday, October 5, 2010

happy birthday big bro

This week has been hectic as and it's only getting more and more hectic as the weekend nears. But, in saying that I was just about to drift off to sleep just then when I felt obliged to log on and do a post- in particular a shout out to say happy birthday to my big brother jack who turned 18 today! To celebrate it we went out to Montezumas and ate until we felt sick but of course managed to squeeze some magic oven birthday cake in as well. Sufficent to say I think we all put on a few kilos tonight. My brother is the greatest, most selfless and down to earth person I know and no one deserves a good birthday more than him!

On a different note.. my birthday is also coming up in a few days (i prefer not to ponder why me and my brother were conceived 5 days apart with a 2 year gap in between) Hence why I'm too busy to update this blog at the moment! But when this weekend passes I will promise to dedicate a few days to blogging per week as a present to myself and hopefully- to whoever enjoys reading this stuff.

I hope everyone that has gone back to uni and school this week aren't feeling too stressed just yet and if you are.. well I hope you party hard this weekend to forget about it! I know I will be ;)

Nightie night.

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