Sunday, May 16, 2010


So I was at work on Saturday (the picture isn't of my cafe but I wish I was.. oh and the skull cake also isnt' sold at gloria jeans, although I wish it was..) anyway, and let's just say it was a pretty shit day. 8 hour shift dragged on and on. Finally it was like 40 minutes to go and I'm doing a bin run when I met the most lovely Indian workers from Choice. They held every door open and all the gates to the bins, even if that meant extra waiting time for them. I was so happy from their kindness I was bouncing off back to the shop without returning my trolley. I realised I didn't return the trolley so I ran back done to Coles, got there, then realised I had a KMART trolley so I had to run back up to the other end of the plaza. Let's just say that killed off the good mood provided by the lovely Indian co-workers. This is a fairly pointless rant, only moral really being that I'm never going to judge an Indian on work ethics ever again, no matter how many times they ring my house to sell shit!

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