Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I've been meaning to do a blog shout out for like months.... ANYWAY, so here's all the blogs I recommend you to all click and browse asap:

1. family comes first,
ninjas, cowboys & pirates
definitely click if you're into remix galore, some rad pictures and long rants about architecture

2. my beautiful best friend,
bigmouth strikes again
definitely click if you're into weird and wonderful photos and the odd rant about love

3. my second brother,
hunters of peace
definitely click if you again, are a fan of techno, electro, remix you get the drift and sweet pictures

4. c00lest photographer to date,
jacob lambert
pretty much just click no matter what, you will be in awe of these incredible photographs

5. the always lovely bec parker,
definitely click if you are a fan of lovely photographs and beautiful writing

6. future fashion designer,
emily mcguire
definitely click if you want to see some amazing raw talent for creating clothes

I think that'll do me for now, although I have a feeling a forgot heaps so I'll most probably do another shout out in the near future. Now scurry along, exit this blog and check out the ones above!

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