Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i wish i was

Whenever I feel so painfully repulsed by my workload I like to play the "I wish I was" game.. here we go;

I wish I was in the countryside of England in a big yellow brick crumbly old house with secret rooms and attics. I would spend my days lying in their daisy fields and gazing over the hillsides from the top branch of an old oak tree.

I wish I was in New York City in an extremely expensive hotel room chilling in one of their plush dressing gowns and slippers. I would buy a shit load of room service and watch breakfast at tiffany's.

I wish I was
in a little cabin in Alaksa or Canada (is it winter over there.. I don't think it is.. pretend it's winter). The snow would be falling outside and I would be curled up under a giant faux fur blanket with a steaming hot mug of creamy cocoa. I would be playing scrabble with some cute guy and then he would teach me how to ski (which would be quite the task considering I'm physically disabled when it comes to skiing).

I wish I was in a cubby house in the middle of an extremely dense forest, preferably in America writing a novel.


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