Monday, May 31, 2010

Its ten minutes to 2 o clock in the morning. You can't sleep. Block exams start in like 10 hours. You should be asleep by now. You think it's probably because you've just finished reading a really sad, heavy book. It's on your mind, it's stopping you from drifting into the oblivious. Or maybe it's the energy drink you had not that long ago to keep you awake, working. Or it's probably because when you stay up late enough, you loose the urge to feel tired. Then you remember. You realise why you have felt sick and uneasy and restless ever since night turned to morning. You remember what day it is, what day it would have been. You feel heavy all of a sudden. You didn't think it would affect you this much. It does, it always will. Your heart remembers before your mind does. He probably doesn't even remember what today is. Was.

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