Tuesday, April 27, 2010

wee bit lonely

I should really stop saving pictures like this, I know that they will make me lonely and in theory I know that nothing will change in my life from saving them but for some reason I do. I think it's the same reason ladies love to read romance novels and tv shows and what not.. We enjoy to feel lonely and yearn for some perfect man to whisk us away. Half of the fun if imagining all the different what if's rather than thinking about it realistically. Realistically, this perfect man doesn't exist but that's okay, as long as we have him in our imagination that's all that really matters. My perfect man would cook me pancakes in the morning and not get annoyed when I cry. He'd surprise me and whisper me secrets. He'd stay up the whole night with me no matter how tired he is. Imagination I believe, is the greatest and most fulfilling distraction of all.

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