Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Okay, need to have massive blog catch up since I haven't properly posted in like a week!! First off, I would just like to say that long weekends are a little piece of heaven in a school term. Kinda like when you're in the middle of a boring class when the fire drill or stranger danger alarm goes off. A getaway, escape, distraction whichever word tickles your fancy. My long weekend was pretty fantastic in a hectic kind of way. I actually managed to go out every single night which resulted in dead legs and sore eyes. I think having that long weekend has put me in an unseasonably good mood.. Today I was walking around school, on the way to some stupid, irrelevant and completely unnecessary career interview and I just stopped and all of a sudden in one big out of no where burst, felt extremely happy and blessed. I'm not sure what triggered these impromptu endorphins, perhaps it was understanding maths b for the first lesson this year or maybe it was just a little reminder from my unconscious self that I have so many things to be happy for that I ignore. Anyway, clearly I'm feeling very happy today and I encourage anyone reading this right now feeling upset and looking for one of my regular depressing posts (don't worry I'm sure they'll be back before you know it).. to just consider all the great things to come instead of mulling over all the shit that has been.

okay.. I suppose the picture doesn't have any particular relevance to this post other than bunnie's in tea cups making me happy.

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