Monday, April 19, 2010

she rhymes with smelly

Where do I start on this one.. well first she's probably the only girl that reads this blog religiously which makes me love her even more than I already do! She also happens to rave like a mad bitch and usually ends up at my house eating curry and rice with me after parties. Which is cool.. :D This girl, myself and another girl always watch crazy as horror movies together.. like orphan and jennifer's body which is kinda hardcore! She also happens to sail the wynnum seas like a dolphin and one day she'll own this huge sailing boat and have some hot sailor husband (like picture above) and yeah that'll be pretty awesome. She also LOVES CHOCOLATE and eats it everyday, like seriously every bloody day. We also bond over the kettle! Oh and has an obsessive crush on that diver dude thomas daley, and will probably in the future lock him in a basement to be her own living keepsake. Nah but seriously she is probably the most fun, loving and warm hearted person I know and I know that we will watch horrors together until we're old and withered. I love you so much you crazy raving salior thanks for reading all the shit I post on this damn blog!

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