Tuesday, April 27, 2010

not keen on the modern movements of 3D TELEVISION

Seriously why the fuck is every movie at the moment in 3D! It is such shit for the following reasons:
1. The new 3D glasses are even more gay because they are a pathetic attempt at ray bans but look too big and weirdly shaped to be considered normal. This results in whoever you're at the movie with pissing themselves everytime they look at you and how ridiculous you look sitting there in the dark in those stupid god dam glasses.
2. It gives you a headache after a while.
3. When it comes out in the movie store, NO ONE HAS 3D! So it just looks shit and animated.
In reference to number 3- if you want a perfect example of what I mean, watch final destination 4. It has officially won the award for the most fake guts and blood to ever be seen in television.

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