Sunday, April 18, 2010

looking for alaska

Holy shit, I just noticed that 2 days ago it was this blog's one year anniversary! Did not know it existed for that long! yippee :D Anyway, I know I said this week was all about dedicated posts and I will continue with those but I just need to do a quick post on this absolutely fucking amazing book I just finished. It was too incredible to post about it any later. It's called "Looking for Alaska" by John Green. I have actually posted a couple of quotes from this novel in the past which inspired me to go read the book. It is the kind of book you put down afterward and you just can't let go of the characters, you need to make yourself a bit more like them. Alaska Young, the girl the book is more or less based around I have decided is the most strong minded, inspiring, vulnerable character I have come across in literature. She is wild and impulsive but so fascinating and different that she has actually inspired me to be a bit less guarded in life and to just let go. Anyway if I go any further it'll sound like I have some creepy lesbian book crush on her.. (which I don't.. I swear..) Go buy the book now! Now now now, no "oh.. sound's interesting. i'll have to read it one day".. NO. Right now get off your lazy ass, exit facebook and this blog and go buy this book. Thank-you :)

Above is couple of quotes from the book, forgive me if I've repeated some I've already posted. And below this I've posted a song created by some stranger after reading this book which I have to admit is bloody good and very catchy!

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