Monday, June 28, 2010

patrick swayze please rise from the dead

Myself and two other girlfriends enjoyed a Thursday night swooning and giggling at Patrick Swayze thrusting women in beautiful dresses and high waisted pants and midriffs. Dirty Dancing, such a classic movie that has not dated a bit over the years. I loved it when I was 11 (that seemed to be the year I was introduced to sexual films...) and I still love it equally now. I don't think I'll even bother recommending this to you all as if you haven't seen it just exit my blog now because as far as I'm concerned, IT IS A SIN IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THIS FILM. Post-dirty dancing, my friends and I discussed how much we dearly would love to have proper dancing clubs in Brisbane where women AND MEN can actually dance. Not crump. Dance. I'm talking foxtrot, tango, dirty dancing anything OTHER than just crumping to Lady Gaga. I'll stop now because I rant any further. Moral being.. would anyone else join a legit dance club if it were available in Brisbane?

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