Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"forever" is a load of shit

'Forever' is a load of shit. Nothing is forever. Everything in life is on and off and up and down. There is not one thing that is always consistent, always great and always there. People die and people leave, people fight and people break up, people can't stay happy at one another forever. Everything eventually breaks down. Even forever is non-existent, infact according to some tribes we only have 2 years left of forever. I'm still unsure on the whole 2012 shit though. That is why this phrase above, is my favourite phrase of all. Fuck forever. Fuck the people that say they'll love you forever then leave. Fuck the people that say they'll stay with you forever and die. When 'forever' is thrown out of the equation, you can realise just how precious time is and how every second should be savored and enjoyed. Don't waste time on something that is non-existent.

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