Tuesday, June 8, 2010

male checklist

Myself and two other girlfriends spent our lunchtime today deciding on a checklist for what a girl wants in a guy.. yeah I know really corny it could pretty much be a scene out of Angus and Thongs and Perfect Snobbing but whatever I like that movie anyway! Here is the prerequisites we came up with..

Male Checklist:

  • Some meat on them
  • License- preferred
  • Taller than you
  • Good looking (but not better looking than yourself) > see photo above for perfect example of a guy that is too beautiful to date
  • Confident
  • Older > if so tattoos are a plus!
  • Smart (to a decent level)
  • Relatively good taste in clothes
  • Good sense of humor
  • Got a give a little moola (JOB)
  • Good in-laws
  • Good HAIR (not metro cuts > no straightening of hair)
  • A talent > (maybe sporty, musical..)
  • Open to food (but not too open.. healthy and hearty)
  • Good kisser
  • Not short tempered > understanding (aka can take your shit)
  • Preferably not a man-slut
  • Someone who makes an effort with your family
Sure, half of the list is so shallow and stereotypical but when it comes down to it girls have high expectations for guys.. and books and movies can be blamed for that, not us!


  1. please explain "Some meat on them" do I need to hit up goodlife again?

  2. maybe a little.. :D
    meat as in you don't need to be really buff but you have to have enough meat on you that your not skinnier than the girl/can bash up a stranger if someone starts ya girlfriend