Wednesday, June 30, 2010

hairbands part 2

Good morning winter chillers. It is FUCKING freezing today and raining and perfect to stay at home, listen to music and make more headbands! On the topic of headbands, my mother has informed me (who know she could be such a business guru!) that I should probably make all the headbands $10 each as if not I would probably make ZERO profit. So for those whom are interested in buying they are now all $10 each and today I will be figuring out what I'll be doing with postage etc. In the future hopefully I'll be able to drop prices and do more sales/deals but as of now I don't have the moola to do such things! :( Please let me know if the $2 raise on price for a few of the headbands is too much for you! Have a lovely rainy day.

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