Thursday, March 31, 2011

loneliness is like honey nutrigrain

Loneliness is a strange sensation. It's such an impulsive emotion which seems to come across you as quickly as it leaves. An emotion jerked by memories. Another strange part about loneliness is it's probably the most hopeful sad emotion in the book. No matter how much you crave the company of someone else, at least you are hoping and thinking about it at the same time. Loneliness reminds me of honey nutrigrain. I used to love honey nutrigrain when I was 10 or something and then one day all of a sudden it wasn't on the shelves anymore. Loneliness kinda creeps up on you like a sudden craving for a food you no longer have right now. You remember the taste of what you want and the more you think about it, the more tangible it is. I guess that's why in my dreams I always feel like it's real because I've had the whole night to conjure a bunch of images about what I want or desire or fear. Time really does alter reality. One of my greatest fears is to end up alone because simply that is just way too much time with my crazy mind.

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