Wednesday, September 1, 2010

first day of the best season of the year


I absolutely love spring, it is by far the best season in the year! You see, I'm an extremely indecisive person (I'm a libran so I'm allowed to be) and I simply can't decide whether iI prefer winter or summer, so spring is the best for a silly girl like myself. Flowers bud everywhere, it gets greener, it is warm enough to fuck off my woolen stockings, it is still cold enough to wear cardies, it's my birthday in spring, it's my brothers birthday in spring, it's mine and my brothers birthday PARTIES in spring!, it's the best weather for picnics, it's perfect for riding my bike around the always pleasant suburb of Wynnum, it basically just has no disadvantages what so ever! Except for maybe bees, which are horrid little creatures that I am terrified of.

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