Monday, August 30, 2010

dreaming of fresh flowers and freedom

When I'm free from the prison which is otherwise known as high school I have many accomplishments and plans for the September break. When I'm in the middle of one of Mr Bothma's lectures on god knows what I remind myself that in a few weeks it'll be 1. warmer 2. holidays 3. a few weeks closer to my birthday. I'm planning to ride my bike down to the markets every Sunday and bring fresh flowers home for my room (in my basket- attached to my bike.. it's going to happen.) I can finally wallpaper my room the way I've wanted to for at least a year now. I can slave at the cafe for solid hours and earn myself some dough for my car savings folder. I can op shop until I have emptied my car savings folder. I can spend everyday distracting myself in every way possible without needing to worry about what is getting left behind undone. Only a few more weeks until bliss..

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