Thursday, September 9, 2010

powering through books almost as fast as i eat a box of coco pops

  • Frankenstein is done and dusted. THANK FUCKING GOD.
  • Also just finished Last Chance by Sarah Desson which was cute and nice to read as it's about a waitress and I'm a waitress! Not a huge similarity really as I suppose waitressing is quite common..
  • Now onto a book called Wintergirls which is really strangely written and I probably would've shut it already except I 1. have only ever once shut a book before finishing and that was when I was young and naive 2. I have a soft spot for weird things (yes holly I'm discreetly referring to you.)
On the topic of holly, my lovely best friend is flying off to England in less than a week and I just want to publicly say that I WILL BLOODY MISS YA! And that I really hope you buy me a good birthday present over there muaha.

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