Wednesday, September 15, 2010

middle aged women wearing condom hats

I apologize for the lack of posting this past week, I'd say that block exams is my excuse but lets be honest I haven't spent every waking moment studying in fact not nearly enough waking moments studying. Not many 'waking' moments in general. Lots of sleeping..

Anyway, I have had a shitload of inspiring moments over the past week that I have been yearning to blog about and here's the first. Middle aged women wearing condom hats. You may ask, excuse me annie? What on earth brought you to that "inspiring" conclusion? Well, I'll start from the beginning..

Last Saturday night I stayed at home to "study" but I actually just watched True Blood all night..
Anyway so around midnight (time seriously flies when you're watching vampire porn.. I have a theory on that that I'll talk about at a later date) my mother gets home and plops down on my bed to recall her events of the night. So in a brief summary.. She went to a friends hens night that involved an 'amazing race quest' through the valley where they had to find things such as random condoms, numbers under beer canisters and kiss security guards. So I'm laying in my bed listening to these strange unfolding tales from good ol' Ju when it hits me.. It's the Valley Fiesta tonight where various people I know are there tonight/today and there was my mum and the rest of her middle-aged friends running around kissing security guards with condom hats.

Some may get embarrassed at this point but instead all I could think was this would make the best chapter in a novel or something or a movie or maybe just a blog post (case and point..). I find it the most inspiring tacky but awesome story I have heard in a long time! Thanks Mum :D

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