Thursday, August 26, 2010

"only boring people get bored"

I'm sitting here, eating pringles and sipping on a popper trying to think about an interesting topic to blog about, when I realised.. my blog doesn't need to be interesting. I didn't create this blog for other people, I created it for myself (well actually WE created it for OURselves but then my partner in blogging dumped me and I was left to man it). So this blog post isn't going to be interesting what so ever, it's just going to be all these random thoughts in my head that I feel like talking about. Firstly I'm really pissed off at my fish as it never does anything and just plays dead all the time so I feed it but it doesn't eat the freaking pellets! Secondly I hate the wind and my lips are getting chapped because of it today so yeah screw you forceful breeze. Thirdly I HATE Frankenstein. Fourthly, I'm so unbelievably BORED with shit right now and I am aching for something to change in my life to make it more interesting (like this post for example- it is a nice representation of my day to day life right now = boring, repetitive and slightly dragged out). Lastly, I would greatly appreciate it if it got just a few degrees warmer? BECAUSE IT IS REALLY COLD IN THE MORNINGS MAKING IT THAT MUCH HARDER TO GET UP. Thank you.

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