Wednesday, August 18, 2010

happy birthday holly

Firstly, I'd like to say Happy birthday to my soul mate HOLLY BATES, I hope you had a fantastic day and enjoyed all of our gifts and goodies in the city this afternoon (see above for the cake we made her.. nah a couple of girls bought 2 cakes from coles and fin proceeded to attempt to throw one at her face) Secondly, sorry for the severe lack in posting this past week, school work has been HECTIC and I just have been too mentally drained to do any worthwhile posts.

Today when I was waiting for the train to go into the city and see Holly, I was just sitting around (for bloody ages thanks to yet another fuck up by brisbane rail), listening to music on my phone (because my ipod is screwed, thanks a lot apple) and people watching. I actually love waiting at train stations by myself as there is always something interesting to observe on a train platform. Being the train going home from school the platform was full with different guys and girls from all the grades. In particular there was a cute group of Grade 8 girls whom spent a solid 15 minutes changing this one girls hair twenty times, pinning a flower in and out and in and out, only to end back up in a pony tail, which is sad because her hair looked lovely out.

Anyway, after I stalked the platform the train arrived and I continued to people watch on the train now. By the time I got into the city I was in this sentimental, black and white sorta mood where I wished I had my camera on me to take photos of all these beautiful moments that were occurring left, right and centre. I ducked into the bathroom on the way out of the station only to find in giant engraved words "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE" on the back of a cubicle door. For some reason this quote irritated the shit out of me, effectively ruining my "black and white life is great and complex mood" and replacing it with a "holy shit this is the most naive and ridiculous quote I want to kick this door down mood". Love is most certainly not all you need, in fact the moment you start needing something you love, that is when all the trouble begins. Friendship, family, hobbies, a job, money all of that shit in life is what you really need. I'm happy to say that I don't need "love" today. Today I'm content to be surrounded by beautiful friends, loving parents and a fantastic older brother. Today "love" is on the bottom of my "wish I had list".

At the top is sleep. Goodnight

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