Sunday, February 6, 2011

sunday sorrows

I don't know what it is about Sundays but for me, they never ever seem to work out and it always seems to end up with me sitting at home over thinking everything and just generally feeling crappy. I blame the bad romantic comedy I watched this morning that brainwashed me into thinking that everything ends happily and your perfect guy exists la la la. I don't tend to watch romantic comedies because they always just bring on bad moods and make me angry about how unrealistic they are. I hate the heat also. I've never been a big Summer person. I don't know how anyone can stand living in shorts and singlets for 3 or so months. Just looking at big fur jackets make me sigh in discontempt. I don't think my doggie Bailey likes it either cos she's currently looking at me very unhappily. Another thing I'm sick off is talking about formals. In our grade right now that is litearlly all every person is talking about. I am yet to decide on someone to take, I have some cheap vintage dresses coming from overseas that I have no idea if they'll even fit me, let alone look good. I don't know why I'm so fussy about who to take to the stupid formal. I think its my dumb teenage girly side coming out. I am just adament to take someone that a: ISN'T REALLY TALL, b: someone I can hold a decent conversation with and c: which is a secret. If I could get my way I'd die my hair purple and go with a pornstar 'Girl Next Door' style. Unfortanetly private schools aren't into purple hair and pornstars. Sucha pity.

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