Sunday, February 20, 2011

all work, no play

Unfortunately year 12 is much harder than I expected it to be. This weekend I have been room-ridden slowly chugging my way through all my assignments. I think my highlight of Friday night was watching my weekly episode of Ultimate Cake Off- although even still I was a tad disappointed. The theme was Fashion and Cars and I don't know if it's just me.. but honestly car people can't pretend they know fashion. Fashion people can meld with cars just fine but car people trying to meld with fashion.. nop will never, ever work. Yesterday's highlight was probably eating breakie with Mum and Dad at my favourite restaurant down at 'da' Local Plaza! It's like a little peace of heaven in Hell or otherwise described as; A little bit of class in a bogan-filled-harsh-fluorescent lit-jail. Although that bogan-filled-harsh-fluorescent lit-jail will always hold precious memories from when I used to slave at a coffee shop there last year. Highlight for today was when I made myself laugh when realizing that my sos assignment (which is the most dreadful thing I've endured since the last sos assignment) works in really well with Rihanna's song SOS. Not only is it the same name but the fact that SOS stands for a distress signal makes it extra witty and hilarious. yay annie. Other than all those crazy times I've basically just been sitting here, indulging my way through 2 bags of russian fudge. Sorry stomach.

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