Wednesday, February 9, 2011

rollerskate derby

This week has been up down, tipsy turby, side to side. Having a stupid head cold is most certainly a down point and due to that I couldn't attend school yesterday and today (arguably an up point). After going to see the Doc yesterday, Mum and I drove over to the Valley to check out a vintage boutique there, in hope of finding a possible formal dress. There was no formal dress but there was a fun filled suitcase of $5 delicacies. I got this one shirt that had "Rollerskate Derby 78" in cursive print on the back of the shirt. Due to that I was talking to the shop assistant about rollerskate derbies and the like. She then told me that down at Beenleigh once a month they have derbies!! So next month I will be attending a derby in 70s/80s get up. I am actually considering taking a class and trying out for a team! Here's photos from the fantastic movie "Whip It" with the always lovely Ellen Page.

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