Sunday, February 27, 2011

mountains, beach and technology-related rants

This weekend was Mum's birthday weekend so Dad, Mum and I drove up to stay with my nan and pop at their house nestled in the mountains up North. Between the beach on Saturday where I ate lots of snow-cups (modern day version of a snow cone) and returned home with really knotty salty hair and rosy sun-burnt cheeks. AND the mountains today where I bought little nic-nacs at the Sunday markets in Malany and stopped by the Woodford pub for lunch...... it was pretty great. Although unfortunately lifes little nagging issues follow you along the bendy roads of the mountains and up the sandy kilometres of beach until they're right there beside you as annoying and present as ever. I really truly wish some things could juts be forgotten with a little pill (not referencing to hallucinating drugs which I am quite strongly opposed to). Sometimes I wonder if all the perks of technology in the modern day are truly worth the baggage that comes along with it. Sometimes I think I'd prefer back then when maybe you'd die young because there wasn't a cure for a flu but also you'd die clueless and innocent and there wouldn't be a facebook group dedicated to your peace resting within 2 hours. On the topic of technology rants- for similar reasons I refuse to buy an iphone. I have a niggling fear that someone will connect every iphone in the world to some secret database where they'll watch your every move or maybe turn them into nuclear weapons. I don't like the idea of having that much power under my bare fingers. Anyway, I should probably finish ranting now before I sound like someone from the baby boomer generation. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and has an enjoyable week.

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