Sunday, February 13, 2011


My thoughts on Valentines Day; IF you're in a relationship then you must simply embrace the corny/materialistic bullshit. Buy roses, chocolate and teddy bears. I think it's kinda lame when you do the whole Valentines Day thing but refuse to do it in the "mainstream" way and instead struggle to find someway to celebrate it without roses and chocolate (THERE ISN'T A WAY!) For you single people (o yeah, me included!) Valentines Day is the biggest joke of the year. You laugh about how stupid it is and how stupid the people are whom are taking it seriously but then you go home and dance to Fireworks by Katy Perry and feel more than a tad bit depressed for a decent few hours. So I SAY, since your special day isn't about to be made, why not make someone elses? Slip a few anonymous notes in random lockers and make someone else feel special. Or just dance to Katy Perry. Either or..

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