Monday, November 29, 2010

so i want to be in a girl band..

Me and my pretty red headed friend Holly watched the film 'The Runaways' last weekend and absolutely loved it! I never knew how fucking sick the band was until the movie which makes me feel both guilty and grateful. The fashion is fantastic with lots of jumpsuits, bright colours, glitter, stripes and vintage tshirts. I was inspired by the fashion from the film/the 70's in general so when I went out thrifting on Monday I bought this long sleeved skin tight glittery striped mini dress with a gold belt to match. I'm thinking of pairing it up with some high beige suede wedges and wear it to this warehouse rave my brother and red are dj'ing this weekend! Win! Overall the past few days have been pure bliss, no school work, no job, but plenty of life- surprisingly. Hope everyone is enjoying their last few stupid days of school or first few fucking amazing days of holidays (I wish I fell in the latter category.. dam anglican schools!)

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