Wednesday, November 24, 2010

time truly does fly so ridiculously fast

It's funny how your sub conscious remembers particular dates before your conscious mind remembers them. This happened to me just before. I was randomly sifting through old pictures on my computer when all of a sudden it just clicked. I actually laughed, it's crazy when you compare how things were and who you were right this day one year ago. So much happens in one year it makes me both excited and scared for how much change will occur as each year passes on by. Here's some photos that remind me of good old times..

That time at Belles when we dressed up and took photos (like you did every second minute in Grade 10)

When I first moved, darker hair, very different clothing style haha

Out at the countryside a long, long time ago

That time we had an epic dust storm when we were holidaying at Coolongatta. Mmm dusty beaches

My 15th Birthday-Spring Parade

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