Monday, December 6, 2010

christmas and mountains etcetera etcetera

Holidays have started off slowly but pleasantly enough. I spent the weekend up at my Nan and Pop's house which conveniently is placed a casual half hour drive from the mountains of the "Sunshine" Coast (please note I put sunshine in inverted commas because there was a considerable lack of sunshine for the entire weekend). All in all it was a lovely little getaway; drinking tea and eating nan's home made cookies whilst watching modern family into the wee hours of the morning and driving through small mountain towns, shopping in markets and devouring scones and pies, was most enjoyable. I could find myself easily living up there amongst all the giant green trees and lakes filled with secrets.

On a different note, all this Christmas hype is certainly keeping me jolly, holly and ready for mass amounts of food at family gatherings. I decorated the tree a week or so ago and even bought a USB CONNECTED Christmas tree for my computer! Yeah! So basically I eat all that shit up and if everything happened the way I dream I would be in a big ol' American style home having a white Christmas with ugly sweaters, turkey, carols, mistletoe kisses, ice skating and marshmallows by the fire place. Yet again- around this time of the year I resent to live in the Southern Hemisphere.

All I Want For Christmas Is You (by Mariah Carey) by XmasSongs


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