Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I always see the most inspiring things when I'm just sitting somewhere, watching people pass on by. I was over at Straddie last Sunday sitting down in the sun just reading and silently purring while the sun warmed me up from my swim. When I noticed this girl, that was waitressing over at the fish and chip shop, sit down for her break. She intrigued me in a completely non-lesbian and stalker way. She was the kinda character I'd like to use for a book or a movie even. I think it was because she was living in such a beautiful, happy part of the world- Stradbroke Island amongst all these other teenagers with tan skin, long hair and a constant smile on their face and meanwhile this girl, who couldn't have been older than 18 looked so unbearably sad. She had short died bright blonde hair (this was clear by the dark regrowth at her roots), a pretty, pixie-like face, a medium height and skinny frame and she was wearing a black singlet and black shorts with black converse sneakers. As she sat down smoking a cigarette looking like the world could not possibly be anymore ugly (which is ridiculous because she lives on a beautiful island!) I had this strange urge to just want to sketch her or photograph her or write about her. She was the kinda person you see and you're just positive she has an interesting story to tell- to explain why she looked so sad on that lovely sunny Sunday afternoon. Maybe she was just tired and bored during a long shift or maybe she was dealing with a dickhead boyfriend or maybe a thousand other things. The point is- I love when you spot people or things happening around you and it causes you to imagine all these possibilities. Anyway, I may not have taken a picture of sad waitress gal but I did get some other photos that I edited: (for more/bigger size photos see my OTHER (the neglected and unloved) blog www.anniehickling.blogspot.com

my brother jack having a nannas nap

snapped the popo boat while waiting for the barge to leave

cylinders beach

some rotting apple that washed up onto the sand

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