Sunday, November 7, 2010

procrastination for the win

This weekend I have procrastinated like no other.. truly I should have received a medal for ultimate procrastination (and general laziness). Friday I went to the lovely Miss Charly's birthday gathering (leisure), Saturday I worked all day (only non-leisure activity I did all weekend) then at night I shot a freaks and geek's party (leisure) in which I spent all Sunday morning editing (boring leisure.. but never the less- still leisure..) I then basically just read all day (DEFINITELY LEISURE) and watched the end of The Family Stone which is one of my all time fav Christmas movies :) oh and right now I'm blogging and neglecting all of my school work. Anyway now that we've acknowledged I'm a terrible student here's a picture of a kitty who is representing what I did all weekend (basked in the glory of zero stress)

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