Saturday, April 23, 2011

lack of posts

Life has been busy and I've been lazy hence my current lack or posts on the ol' blog. I had formal last weekend than recovery from formal this week (at school.. not fun) and now I'm on my 5 day Easter break which isn't much of a break as it is mainly consisting of paid work and school work. I like being busy as it's the best way to keep your head away from pointless over-thinking which I am a trained professional at. I said a while ago on this blog how I wanted to find some sort of beauty every day in life, I don't know if I've really stuck to the whole "every day" thing but I do now and then spot something interesting and then remember that resolution and feel relatively fulfilled and successful. Today I met a fine lady called Mavis when I was working at the local video store who is an elderly woman that comes into the store 3 or 4 times a week. She catches a cab in as she can no longer drive and spends an hour to an hour and a half picking a new selection of ten to fifteen slayer/horror/thriller/gore/anything involving extreme violence movies. She is a lovely old lady and as she was browsing the store with her coke in hand I struggled to understand why she loves slayer movies so much. It certainly is an interesting predicament. I then thought- why the hell shouldn't she love and watch gory horror movies! I too love horror movies and I don't know why I would discontinue to watch them in my later years in life. Thanks Mavis for making my day in smiles and amusement.

Hope everyone enjoys their chocolate.

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