Sunday, January 16, 2011

tedious times

I'm seriously tired of sitting at home playing playstation games day after day. I think if I walked outside of my house I might actually start jumping up and down like my dog does when we take her for a walk (usually once every few months.. probably why she looks like she's constantly pregnant). For drama last year we had to go see the play Waiting for Godot. It was the most boring fucking play I've been to in my life and I think I'm that bored right now, I'd go see Waiting for Godot for 5 sessions straight. That's 10 hours of absurdism and if you understand drama terms you'll understand just how painfully impossible it would be to sit through that. I know it always gets like towards the end of two months of no school (and no employment.. might I add) but you never really believe that school would ever be favorable over holidays until you're sitting here, posting about nothing, after 48 hours of nothing and another 17 hours of nothing to come.

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