Thursday, January 6, 2011

into the rain

Well, I'm not sure where to start.. Since I've last posted much has occured in the otherwise typical life of Annie. Christmas was what to be expected; plenty of delicious food, awkward relative conversations la de la de la. Probably the nicest part of Christmas for me was the evening when were went to my Nan and Pop's house up North, because I got to spend time with my cousins baby son who is probably the god dam cutest little human being to walk the planet! Jack and I basically spent the entire night with Nate in our arms or in the plastic wheel barrel which we had to push him in non-stop. After Christmas was done and dusted we got up at sunrise to set off for Woodford, where all the fun began. Woodford was incredible, as it is every single year. It was pretty wet this year, maybe 4 days of non stop rain and 3 of mostly sunshine. The gum boots certainly got a work out and a half. My favourite live acts I saw this year were Tinpan Orange (now my most listened to band within a 4 day period), Cat Empire (of course), Felix and The Phoenix (felix cat empire felix in case you are unaware of his new band.. oh and I got to chat to felix after the show.. just casually..grjaegieahgb) and a bunch of local artists I listened to at Fretfest each morning with a croissant. I spent a lot of the week lazing around in the Chai Temt, meeting new people and dancing ridiculously hard to Wild Marmalade. Overall Woodford, if I had to squeeze the experience into one sentence.. It was a week of fantastic food, hilarious sometimes awkward but always worthwhile situations, plenty of cheap wine and incredible people all packed onto a few hills covered in mud.

One day when I was sitting on the Village Green people watching (in a non-stalker kinda fashion) I just had this overwhelming sense of belonging roll over me. It felt like every person in the whole god dam festival was exactly where they were meant to be, doing exactly what they were meant to be doing. Whether it was the little kids skipping stones by the waterfall or the doped up hippies gazing into the trees and seeing much more than just leaves and barks and especially the musicians who all looked like they were ridiculously content with their venues and audiences (and who can blame them.. might I add). It was like Woodford was one giant puzzle and we were all just little pieces fitting in to create this image. Anyway, on the topic of images and away from the topic of my never-ending rants.. here are some of my favourite stills from this year:

Mummsy and I

Rits and Kyrill our friends all the way from Amsterdam!

Oh Jerusalem.. you brought us many laughs

Breakfast with George and Vin

Ellie and her consistently wet hair

Nic.. being Nic

Seb showing some love to Elle, which was clearly reciprocated

Beattie embracing the mud

Sitting on the hill at the amphitheatre

Holly, Briar and Finn's mud wars

Writing on the Village Green

Some kiddies playing in the lake

Village Green

That time when Vin and George carried me around on a chair

George and me

Blue King Brown



Boats on a lake

Tim and Fin

Georgie looking ridiculously good for a muddy festival

Maybe my favourite stall in the festival!

In Action!

I'll finish with some music by Tinpan Orange:

Tinpan Orange by gaga-digi

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