Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I just finished the most beautifully, intriguing and fairytale-like book I have ever read!

I am actually in love with Wings by Aprilynne Pike!
I have always been a sucker for fantasy and romance novels but this one has really stuck to me.
Faeries are every little girl's dream and this talented author manages to make a book about them that still appeals to teenagers. I love everything about the book from the explicit detail of the scenery to the lovable characters and the addictive storyline.
Not to mention its a 4 part series so I have 3 more magical novels to look forward to!
The only downside to this beautiful series is that MILEY CYRUS is going to be in the movie that disney is making of it. I was so thrilled when I heard it was getting made into a movie. Then I read that they have cast Miley Cyrus and it has ruined all hope for that.
But other then that, the books are incredable.

I found this drawing a fan did of two of the main characters in the novel, Laurel and Tanami. This is exactly how I imaged them both...

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- Excited, Anna

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