Thursday, October 1, 2009


Well onto my holiday now; it was wonderful!!! I can honestly say it was an experience I have never had before and most definitely want to have again. With the quiet, ongoing acres of land, the various animals and the beautiful house and gardens it was a lovely place to stay and explore. I could go on forever about particular moments which were fantastic so instead I'll just give you my top three:

1. The sunsets- truly something you don't have here in the city in comparison to those in the country. Note how I am trying to make a love heart with my arms with the sunset in the background!


2. The animals- in particular the joey and the baby goats. Okay, really the joey was the star as far as I'm concerned. With most joeys having crazy protective kangaroos as their mothers it is not often that you can snuggle with a joey but I was able to! This joey lost their mother therefore the owners of where we stayed had to take care of it. It is quite possibly the cutest little creature I've ever met and I miss it already! Have a look: he's a bit camera shy.


3. Riding the quad bike. Other accident prone klutz's like myself will understand how great an achievement such a thing is. Esspically for myself considering the last time I rode one I broke my arm. So it was fantastic to ride it over the whole trip with no accidents!


- Anna.

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