Sunday, May 29, 2011

forests, frustration and flea markets

Block exams this week which I'm kinda dreading and anticipating all at once, in a 'fuck this I'm not prepared enough' and a 'fuck it I don't have the energy to prepare anymore' sorta fashion. I'm spending more time dreaming about the mountains than I am revising finance and learning a persuasive speech. We're planning on going away to a bed and breakfast somewhere amongst lush forest's and antique towns in the next few weeks which is ideal for me because I'd pick the forest over the beach any day (of this season). I have been holding myself back from reading new books for a week now and consistently re-reading the same books is not quenching my unquenchable thirst for escapism- which technically is good because I'm less distracted from study BUT realistically it's terrible because I'm now grumpy and discontent. When I'm in the mountains I plan to lay down a rug in a foresty field, snuggle up under numerous blankets and pillows then read for 12 hours straight. Ah, glory. Glorious until I get attacked by some type of venomous demon.

Other than current-grumpiness due to study related tears, I have enjoyed a few smiles this weekend thanks to my good friend; charity stores and my other equally generous friend; flea markets. Not sure why they're called flea markets because whenever I say it I picture a bunch of fleas shopping for fruit and veg. I was lucky enough to snag 2 vintage dresses, a nifty flask and a bunch of assorted socks from a kind Asian man. Nothing cure's my discontent faster than cheap retail therapy so that was good. I'll upload some photos below of the fore-mentioned study related tears, 2x dresses, nifty flash and assorted socks. Good luck to whoever else is on block this week!

Socks, dresses n flask

Biscuits and Study mostly mix

* Click images for bigger resolution weow


  1. annieee you're such a good photographer and writer! your blog is like my homepage im always dissapointed when i load up internet explorer and theres no new posts, but then again im never disspaointed because i can just re read what you've already written and the photos you've taken! love you xox

  2. where are these amazing charity shops/ flea markets??!

  3. hahaha love you marty.
    charity shops are everywhere man. if you live in brisbane i'd recommend going to annerly, paddington, wynnum and redcliffe they have some pretty cool stuff. flea markets; chandler every sunday, west end, rocklea and there's heaps of good markets up the coast around the mountain areas. haha hope that helps