Friday, December 24, 2010

merry merry christmas bloggers!

I haven't posted at all these holidays as I've been so busy enjoying the pure freedom provided by umemployment and 2 months of no school. My holidays so far have basically consisted of hot days lazing by the public pool with friends, spending hundreds of dollars on christmas gifts (fucking season of giving!), dieing my hair various shades of pink, contionous sleepovers and lots of time spent on trains and buses. Tonight it is Christmas Eve and although this is exciting in a "fuck yeah presents tomorrow and a shitload of good food" kinda way but really tomorrow is far more smile evoking. Obviously.. you may say because tomorrow IS christmas but also tomorrow is Woodford Eve which is considerably more exciting and definitely worth noting. In a mere two days I will be at Woodford probably in the festival at this point munching on satays, filos, pancakes, noodles, gourmet pizza and other various foreign delicacies that keep my stomach rumblin' at night. I will be gearing up for a week of music, laughs and memories that can only be described as 'once in a life time'. What happens in Woodford, stays in Woodford as within all those crowds of dope smelling hippies and amongst hill after hill of secret spots and shadows cast by big gum trees, there is plenty of space and opportunities for secrets to happen and be kept. But before all this I must put back at least half of the clothes I want to pack and bake some cookies for the fam. So my fellow readers (if any are still out and about after my lack of blog-appearance) I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and I hope you all have as awesome of a new years as I will be having! Hohohooho

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